Released the 4th of December 2015, “Wake Up Early” is now out on digital stores and physical CDs. Check out the store buttons below or contact for any questions.

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“Wake Up Early” is…

my first album in English and it contains fourteen tracks that I have composed. Because no investors were involved, Wake Up Early was born without the help of sound engineers, photographers, graphic designers, editors or producers. While making it I moved house four times, learned a new language, changed country and lived without any support or friends. Now the album is ready and I can listen to it. For me this is proof that, if you follow your passion, “impossible” is only what you believe it to be. Before producing the record, I set myself the ambitious goal of having a mixture of as many different styles as I could while retaining some kind of consistency. I like to think of Wake Up Early as an apartment block in New York City, in which you will find many different ethnicities, ideas and colours, but the whole thing is still just one building in New York. You can listen to WUE on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Or you can get the physical copy from my store.


1. All will change
2. I’ll be there for you
3. Good morning
4. Over there
5. We are just dust without the breath of God
6. It’s my place
7. Wake up early
8. Surfing on the sound
9. Riding the rhythm
10. Closer and closer
11. Always for
12. In our point of view
13. You are alive
14. Ask for a second chance
15. Good morning RMX

Get “Wake Up Early” in CD version delivered in up to five days for most of the European countries and in about fifteen days for the rest of the world. The cost of the album is just £5 through my web site. Check the link below to order your copy today: