My Personal Walkman Collection

This is my contribution to spark a little passion I have in you: portable analogue music, free from notification, bip and buzzes.

Most of us do not own a mean to play cassettes anymore, and every time I have ordered a cheap walkman from a second hand online store, what I received was absolutely unusable because of being busted (even when claimed as working). Not to mention the poor quality of the few brand new players that are currently available. I wanted to offer you a better experience, so that you will make your judgment about cassettes accordingly.

These fantastic portable players have been brought back to life with new belts, accurate cleaning and demagnetization to offer you the best experience when discovering, or re-discovering, the music cassette world.

Every Walkman is different, so I have tried to write some personal notes about what do I think about them and who do I think should get them.

The prices of the Walkmen include the “Wake Up Early” cassette. If you have already purchased the cassette and you have now decided that you wanted, instead, the “Cassette + Walkman” Edition, please send me an email with your password contained in the cassette and I will deduct the price that you have already paid for the cassette from the Walkman.

The ones below are a very very limited edition of the “Wake Up Early” cassette for its 5 years anniversary. The Walkmen CANNOT be shipped without the album, unless you have already purchased it.

Every Walkman will have Ale Loy sticker on the front and autograph on the back.

This page will be periodically updated, therefore what you see below is what is left and it is still available.