All Will Change lyrics from the Wake Up early album.
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All will change

This is the story of a man who travelled the world heeding his mind
With the only intention of taking a walk outside to improve the inside
He left his country, burned his documents, changed his name
It was so dangerous, but his heart was so much brave
He didn’t believe in society and wished to change the people minds
But all he needed to do was just to change its own life

Lying on the ground
Feeling bound
Looking all around

Some come, others go
I don’t know
I’m alone

But there’s a mouse next to my mouth
There’s a cockroach on my watch
I don’t care i don’t need to wash the smell off from myself

I don’t know
What to do! Oh!
Bodi bibo
Here’s my bottle of rum

Maybe i’ll get my ass off from the grass and take the bus

Don’t judge me
What i wish
Is something that doesn’t exist
I want to change the way people spend their money, life and time

But no way

All you can do
Is change yourself dude
And once you’re changed
All will change

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