Ask for a Second Chance lyrics from the Wake Up early album.
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Ask for a Second Chance

Months ago for me was harder
’Cause I didn’t have a meaning in my life
I had no idea about what to do
Also, I don’t have a place to go
Buried by the things to do around me
I Didn’t know how to begin first
I’ve started to do the smallest things
And I asked the world another chance

Every one of us can become a winner
For all the life or just for a little
When you turn on the light that you have inside you
Even this crazy world will seem calm and pure

If your wife has left you
And now you’re crying in your bathroom
Frozen food became
Your daily menu
You throw in the towel at every turn
While your life is running over there
Sometimes good things come from bad things and
A second chance is flying over your head man
You were born to give your heart
You were born to take my heart
And if you stop to believe in yourself
Other ones can’t ask for your help
I know it may seem odd
But this is the only thing that makes sense to your own
Don’t make a mess because your life will be

Beautiful like the sun and the flight of a heron
Beautiful like the light of the moon in the shadow
Beautiful like pushing past the end of the rainbow

Are you ready to rise up?


Life goes up
Life goes down
On and off
Back and forth

It is not the first time


It’s not the last
It’s not the last
It’s not the last

Doing the best of you can do
You could not get what you desire
But you could find another way

You gave your love, but she left you
But how much love has gone around
So that much love will come around

Keep on doing the best you can
The best you can

And you will have no regrets
No remorse
No repentance
No sorrow

About your life
About your life

About your time
About your time

Awaken your inner
Awaken your inner child

Trust in your neighbour
Trust in your neighbour

When a new day has come
Show what you’re made of
There’s nothing to be afraid or scared of

When your life is hard
Ask for a second chance
The world is waiting for your move

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