Over There lyrics from the Wake Up early album.
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Over There

There’s a state in South Pacific
10 thousand residents
There ain’t no capital, it name is Nauru

Instead Vatican City
Is a little bit smaller
And it’s a state located in a district

Pitcairn Islands are standing
In the deep blue sea
As you can see

Only 48 inhabitants
In the beautiful sea
I can’t believe it

So little time to see, so many wonders in the world
So little time to speak, so many languages and words
I wanna build a raft and meet a funny castaway
I wanna build a piling in the ocean near the bay

In Mont Saint Michel two tides a day
Cover and uncover kilometres of bay
There’s an abbey on the top of the hill
40 priests are praying for you and me
In Indonesia, house can be floating. Surfing, dancing on the waves
You can find tigers, elephants, leopards, monkeys and all sorts of birds
What do you put in your backpack?
What do you think you’ll leave behind?
“The Mp3 player. A book that i’ve never read”
What place do you want to see first?
What kind of conveyance is the best?
“Starting from Panama, I will go up or down”

In Australia, I’d love
To live in a bungalow
Jumping in the pouch
Of a nice kangaroo
Once in New York
My dream is to sing
But it would be nice to
Climb the empire state building
From Portugal until Romania
Ukraine, Moldavia, Belarus, Lithuania
Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria
Passing through Egypt to get to Libya
As you can see
So many places
Where you can meet
So many faces
Black and white with the almond eyes,
Red or yellow like sunshine
Africa, Brazil, Peru, Argentine, Bolivia, Chile
China, Japan, India, Russia, Thailand, Nepal, Philippines

Over there
Over there
Over there

There’s a land that isn’t on the map
That is the place I wanna go
It’s time to pack the bags again
What do I put into it?

But the only thing I want to keep
Is the love that I feel for you, so would you come with me?

There aren’t lands and castles far
Away from what you are
Far away from what you are

There aren’t party and funny times
Far away from what you are
Far away from what you are

You are my happy memories
You are the honey in my days
Let’s love together in the world
Get here and let’s make love

You are my Alps and Apennines
My waterfall, my coral reef
Let’s love together in the world
Get here and let’s make love

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