Wake Up Early (CD)

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“Wake Up Early” Album (CD). 14 original tracks + “Good Morning” Remix by SuperKaleider.

Ale Loy’s first album in CD version. The album has been released the 4th of December 2015 and contains fourteen tracks plus a remix. Fully recorded and mixed by Ale Loy, “Wake Up Early” keeps the link between the music producer and the listener real, avoiding any kind of mediation and compromise. Get it delivered in up to five days for most of the European countries and in about fifteen days for the rest of the world.

Tracklist: 1. All will change 2. I’ll be there for you 3. Good morning 4. Over there 5. We are just dust without the breath of God 6. It’s my place 7. Wake up early 8. Surfing on the sound 9. Riding the rhythm 10. Closer and closer 11. Always for 12. In our point of view 13. You are alive 14. Ask for a second chance 15. Good morning RMX